In the centre of the world, surrounded by German Land, Ostburga, Stivale and the Hexagon, a small country refuses to take itself too seriously. 17 regions: all with different cultures, language, religion, morals and physical characteristics, but united by destiny! There is always time for a game in the legends of Helvetia!


Player aid for Sabbat Magica

A lot of people request a player aid for Sabbat Magica. We're now happy to announce you that a printfriendly player aid is now available in three different languages (FR - DE - EN).

Sabbat Magica est arrivé!

Sabbat Magica est enfin arrivé!


Lors du Sabbat, alors que les magiciens de pacotille s'amusent, les plus grands d'entre eux s'affrontent pour devenir le premier d'entre les mages!


Découvrez-le vite!

Achetez-le ici!

1 er août 2016

joyeuse fete nationale petit

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